Modern Chinese School aims at teaching students to learn
Chinese language and culture, to train Chinese-English
bilingual talents, to build up a bridge between Eastern and
Western cultures, and to make a difference for our children
and the community.

To provide students a safe and pleasant environment to learn
the modern Pin-Yin system and the simplified Chinese
characters, to enrich their English and Math knowledge, to
improve their of test-taking skills, and to train their interests
of arts and paints, using their weekend, after school and summer.

Elementary, middle and high school students aged over
4-year-old are encouraged to apply. Equal opportunity in
admissions and awards to all races if applicable.

Teachers and staff members at this school are experienced
and responsible professionals. Chinese teachers are highly
qualified in standard Chinese and are fluent in English
bilingual abilities. Distinguished teaching methods are applied;
Art teachers are famous Chinese artists with interesting and
alive teaching strategies; English teachers are NYC licensed
and experienced individuals. Math teachers are specialized
NYC teachers and professors.

(1) The school is the first non-profit Chinese school in Queens
     to teach simplified Chinese characters and modern Pin-Yin
     System in Mandarin. It is aimed at No.1 quality and

(2) The text is suitable for most students to learn Chinese.
     Materials for Math and English enrichment classes
     are selected by experts in the fields.

(3) It is the principle of the school that different level or age
     groups are in different classes. G6 is assigned into two
     levels-G6-HT and G6 enrichment according to G5-NYS
     Tests scores.

(4) The school devotes its effort on education with clear rules
     and regulations that encourage students to make progress in
     all subjects, including Chinese language arts & culture,
     math and English, and selected skill-trainings, etc. Students
     have fun with learning.

Students have opportunities to select various subject courses
     with high-quality for a low fee.

(6) School buses door-to-door services are available for some
     students living in Queens.

(7) Safety and is the first priority:

     * 8:30-9:30am Entrance on Barclay Ave.
     * Voluntary help provided to direct children and traffic on
        Barclay Ave between 8:45-9:15am.
     * 11:50am or 5pm designated dismissal exits.

All classrooms are equipped with air conditioners.

(9) Programs are offered continuously every year:
     After School (Weekdays)Program, Saturday Program and
     Summer Program.